stop. look. listen.

All the things never said. (Batman/Gordon. NC-17.)
"Jim, I..." Bruce starts, not looking up, and Jim sighs again. It hits him suddenly, how tired he is, no longer driven by sheer adrenaline and panic, he feels exhausted. He doesn't feel like dealing with this now, preferably not ever. But he rarely really gets what he wants, and Bruce is still not looking up.

Always. (Batman/Gordon. NC-17.)
It's certainly a new definition of surreal: watching the report of a recent Batman sighting, with live footage, as Bruce Wayne sits opposite him in his office. Maybe a few months ago Jim Gordon wouldn't find it at all strange, just slightly inconvenient, but now he knows better.

Between. (Bruce/Harvey. PG-13.)
The left side of his face is covered in bandages again, and the right seems almost as white as them. The healing process will take time, the doctor had said, and he should know, he's the best one Batman could find and Bruce's money could buy.

Could Have Been Worse.
(Batman/Gordon. R.)
"You do realise it's all your fault?" Jim asks, trying to shift and find a more comfortable position, succeeding only in having the gear shift dig into his thigh. It's not entire true, of course, he had been the one insisting on coming along, but all the following disasters had been entirely of Bruce's doing.

Drifting. (Batman/Gordon. R.)
What he means is this, the meetings so late at night they become early mornings, when the city sleeps around them, almost peacefully, the city they both sworn to protect, Jim bound by the duty of his badge, and Batman just choosing to do so because...

Ever Since. (Batman/Gordon. PG-13.)
The last time Jim had seen Batman, the vigilante was fleeing the scene at the 52nd Street. That was twenty-seven days, and about three hours ago. Not that he's counting.

First Times (Usually Lead to Seconds). (Batman/Gordon. NC-17.)
The first time he had almost (and he was eternally grateful to whatever deity looked after men and bats alike, for the 'almost' part) gave in and kissed Jim Gordon was under the most inconvenient circumstances. Not the worst possible, no, but he had a hard time imagining worse, and imagine he did try, in an effort to will his erection to fade.

Here Inside. (Batman/Gordon. R.)
It's not quite the growl he's used to, but it's still low and obscured, close to him, the bed bending under the added weight. Jim can't see the man, this is the whole point of the exercise, a piece of dark cloth covering his eyes; but he can feel the fingers on his wrist, clicking the cuffs close with a resounding finality.

Inside Out. (Batman/Gordon. PG-13.)
He considers his choices, the few of them he has, each worse than the other. He can hear the sirens in the distance, and knows that the fire department, and the police, will be here soon, and the sounds that used to be a relief now spur him into action.

Into Morning. (Batman/Gordon. NC-17. Sequel to Night Lights.)
Jim doesn't turn, and doesn't jump startled either, he's not that easily caught off balance nowadays, much to Bruce's disappointment. Jim can swear, the man was actually amused whenever he was able to scare Jim out off another few years of his life. "It's not that bad out here."

It's not a game because there's no rules. (Bruce/Harvey. R.)
"I'm going to be late for court," Harvey says instead of a greeting, but nothing in Bruce's face suggests that he takes an offense for that. Truth be told, nothing in Bruce's face ever suggests anything but polite disinterest, or an occasional smug smirk. Harvey had given up trying to look for anything beyond that, or questioning the man's motives.

Night Lights. (Batman/Gordon. NC-17.)
Every other evening, he still came up to the roof. The excuses varied, a smoke, a breath of night air, a moment of peace. He brought up a coffee, the steam rising from the mug, blown away by the wind. The reflector was gone, the cleaning crew had swept up the broken glass, there was no trace of it now. It shouldn't matter, even when it had been sending the signal, the Batman had rarely shown up.

Night Visit. (Batman/Gordon. NC-17.)
He feels, rather than hears, Batman move behind him, two, three steps forward, stopping inches away from Jim, displaying hesitation Jim had never suspected he could. "I don't know yet," Batman says, and Jim shivers, even before a gloved hand rests on his shoulder, pushing him lightly to turn him around, lips on his before he can protest, and that's a good thing, because he's not sure whether he wants to protest.

Some Mornings Are Stranger Than Others. (Batman/Gordon. PG. between Night Lights and Into Morning.)
"Good morning," he chances, becoming painfully aware of a number of things. First, he is in Bruce's bedroom, and in Bruce's bed. This, he thinks, is not a bad thing, as such, and the way Bruce himself is sound asleep, face for once open and unguarded, is an extremely good thing, but...

Solid Ground. (Batman/Gordon. R. Part of the Ground!verse.)
Barbara Gordon's funeral takes place in the early morning, the air is still crisp and fresh, like after a long storm. The timing is worked out perfectly so that there is a brief gathering at Jim's house afterwards, and he has enough time to make it to her killer's funeral and give a speech on what a hero he was.

Test Drive. (Batman/Gordon. R.)
Things hadn't changed all that much after Jim Gordon learned of Batman's identity. True, he wore an expression of complete disbelief for days afterwards, and Bruce was slightly worried he was going to get stuck that way, but it had passed, and soon enough Gordon was mostly pleased with a newfound easy way of contacting his ally, in terms of subterfuge cellphones beating floodlights any day.

That Place Inside. (Batman/Gordon. PG.)
He hadn't yet figured out, if getting locked up in a room with Jim Gordon was the best or the worst course of action imaginable. There certainly were people he wouldn't want to be locked up in a room with, ever, not even in a hostage situation like this one. On the other hand, there were two disadvantages of the current predicament.

Through the Hole in the Sky. (Batman/Gordon. NC-17.)
Jim's breath against the glass clouds and blurs the view of the city, the brilliant lights and the shadows. The spot on the glass seems dark gray, a little brighter against the night sky. Gordon brushes his fingertip over the spot, a little sign only he finds comforting. It's been a while since he had seen it up there, it's been too long.

Through the Holes in Your Veins.
(Batman/Gordon. NC-17.)
The first time they kiss, Gordon's glasses crack a little. They clink against Batman's mask, scratch on the glass, small but noticeable. It will be quite funny, later, but at the moment, it's just inconvenient, and Gordon tugs them off, letting them fall to the ground, maybe even break.

Time Will Tell. (Gordon/Harvey pre-slash. PG.)
The press seems fascinated by the man, almost as much as it's infatuated with the Batman, not a day passes without one of them making the headlines. Both men take the avoidance approach, Batman hadn't been seen since the chaos in the Narrows, and Gordon throws himself into organising his new special unit and avoids the journalists like the plague.

Unexpected. (Batman/Gordon. NC-17.)
"Come on, Mr Wayne, we should get you home before your guests start to worry," he says instead, managing to keep most of his irritation from colouring his voice, or showing up on his face, but Bruce had seen him go through almost all emotions, he can tell what he's feeling now. "We really need to stop meeting like this, too," he adds, as if he had prepared the line earlier, in an attempt to have something to say.

Unfold. (Batman/Gordon. PG-13.)
What is strange, is not the injury itself, but rather the fact that Jim doesn't shrug it off, but lets the doctor take a look at it, putting up only a minor show of reluctance. The doctor, Callahan, Bruce finally recalls her name, tosses her hair over her shoulder and leans in, gently working on cleaning out the cut, saying something that causes Jim to laugh softly, and honestly, this shouldn't be bothering Bruce this much.

What Blurs and What is Clear. (Batman/Gordon. R.)
Renee Montoya has met Batman only twice, and each time it was in the comforting presence of Jim Gordon. Of course, in any case, if one subscribed to the notion that Batman was a psychotic killer, even the presence of the police commissioner wouldn't help much, but she felt better for it anyway.

Work Hazards. (Batman/Gordon. R.)
It went like this: they were too late, Batman wasn't. He had arrived ten minutes ahead, for a reason of his own that Jim hadn't asked about mostly because he didn't have time, or occasion, or, after the events of that day, courage to even mention it. The whole thing is considered as not having happened by everyone but Montoya, who should know better.

At the end of the line. (Batman/Gordon. R.)
Three hours ago, the SWAT team had achieved its greatest success to date, arresting the city's most wanted criminal; a vigilante, murderer, and the man who took the commissioner's family hostage. There was not a cop in town that would blame Gordon for an accidental weapon discharge, and probably wouldn't even make anyone in the IA interested.

Common Ground. (Batman/Gordon. PG-13. Part of the Ground!verse.)
Mindful of Barbara's father being the police commissioner, he had prepared the answers to all typical questions, their destination, the time of bringing her back home ('what time should she be back, sir?' was the preferred answer), did he drive, what did he drive, did he really think he should drive, all the basics, asked with arms crossed and frown on the father's face. Steve had been through this before, but it was never a pleasant experience, and he would have gladly skipped it and just met Barbara at the movie theatre, but at the suggestion she threw her hair over her shoulder and gave him a look that clearly said he must have been kidding.

Breaking New Ground. (Batman/Gordon. PG-13. Part of the Ground!verse.)
The night is really cold, even more so than a usual December night in Gotham. Steve rubs his hands together, wishing that for once he actually wore gloves. Of course, the simple solution to the cold would be to finally knock on the Gordons' doors, but when was the last time he actually did something reasonable?

Grounded in Fact and Fiction. (Batman/Gordon. PG-13. Part of the Ground!verse.)
"Yes. And Bruce flipped out, as anyone would because, yes, oh your God, and gave them a rather good quote," Jimmy sounded both mortified and amused now, which was better than Babs felt, as she stopped on mortified and couldn't really move on.
"Oh my God. What quote?"

"Well, the story they went with was not his and yours impending marriage, so you can breathe freely, but Dad isn't so happy about being outed in the morning papers."

The Space Between (Batman/Gordon. NC-17)
The rain that welcomed Jim back in Gotham looked like it was never going to end, as if it was just the beginning of a great flood of biblical proportions, washing away the filth from the streets. It had rained two years ago, when he was leaving Gotham, too, and for a short moment, he had a surreal thought that maybe it was the same rain, maybe it wasn't two years at all, but mere minutes since the last time he drove through those streets.