stop. look. listen.


Collide. (Mac/Stella/Flack. R.)
This is probably not happening, and he is probably still in the hospital, doped up to his eyeballs with morphine or whatever it is they give people who had their chests blown open and their insides tied up with shoelaces. This would explain the weird shit that's going on, and there's a lot of weird shit going on.

Conspiracy Theory. (Danny/Lindsay. PG-13.)
Danny doesn't remember when or who started it, but he knows when he noticed.

Patterns. (Hawkes, Hawkes/OFC. PG-13.)
She moans his name (Sheldon, valley with steep steps, Old English), and he runs his hands down her back, brushing the birthmark shaped like Cassiopeia (two stars visible to the naked eye). He trails kisses down her neck, her collarbone (clavicula, articulating with acromion of the scapula, fragile, so fragile, and so delicate and so lovely...).


First Times. (Lee/Six, Lee/Kara. R.)
He hears her laughter, so soft in his ear, so warm against his lips and has to lean against a wall, knowing very well people are looking at him. He doesn't care all that much, because he thinks he believes her, he wants to believe her, Lords, he believes her.

Veronica Mars.

Just like a movie. (Logan, Veronica/Logan. PG-13.)
Wonder how could you not notice this was exactly where you were heading.Your life is like a movie, cheap soap opera full of bad actors, little lies and crappy tragedies. And like in every movie, there was teasing, bickering, open hatred. There were insults and the crack of you crashing her car.It had to be love.

Name Game. (Logan/Veronica. PG-13.)
Her hair is shorter, her eyes are colder, her tongue is sharper, but she’s still Veronica, scent of summer, taste of honey. Skin so soft it would bruise if his fingers dug a little bit deeper. And they do, because he he needs his perfection flawed, marker with red.

Star Wars.

Empty Skies. (Wedge Antilles. Wedge/Iella. PG.)
He toasts a glass of Whyren’s Reserve because today is the first day of the rest of his life.

The impossible. (Wedge Antilles. PG.)
One word can change your world. With two... with two you can change the galaxy. We do. I quit. The right thing to do, after what, eight years in the fleet? Civilian.

Wrong. (Mace Windu, multiple pairings. NC-17.)
No matter how the rumour goes, the Jedi are beings, human, twi’lek, calamarian... They do need companionship, presence, touch... they do need comfort and release. And no matter how the rumour has it, little Jedi don’t appear from the air. Either way, sex is nothing wrong.


After the Ever After. (Susan Sto Helit/Ella Saturday. R.)
Stories are important, of course, but at this moment we are more concerned with what happens after, when the king and the pawns are back into their box, when the curtain falls on the kiss, when the princess marries the handsome prince (or not, as the case may be).

Good Omens.

Awkward. (Crowley, Aziraphale, PG.)
Crowley held back any further comments. Everyone had heard. Metatron was a terrible gossip. One shouldn't wonder.

Not Nice and Probably not Very Accurate (SPN-crossover, Crowley, Aziraphale, PG)
“It’s all the tv and movies, really. And of course, it’s America. What did you expect? That’s what you get with calling yourself the land of the free, you get an Antichrist who decides to play hookie from the Apocalypse…”

New World.

Old as time, Galatea. (Rebecca/John Rolfe. G.)
The servants don't know what to make of her, a lady and a savage, a princess of a foreign land who runs barefoot around the garden like a child. She's an exotic creature to them, a bird locked up in a grande cage of a house, but she can't fly away like a bird would, the stars are different here and she wouldn't know how to find her way home.


Between You, Me, and a Coffee Cup. (Christian Bale/Natalie Portman. PG-13.)
They seem to constantly miss each other. Of course, in this business that can be said about pretty much everyone, in the haze of roles turned down, screwed up auditions, scheduling troubles, endless parties and premieres and awards galas, it's tailor made for playing Six Degrees, and usually you don't have to look further than two or three.


Uther's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. (Uther, Morgana, Gwen, Merlin. PG. CRACK.)
When he woke up, everything seemed bigger than it should have been. Attempts to summon a servant ended in a series of pathetic meows. Attempt to get out of the bed... you know how they say that cats always land on their feet?They're lying.

Twists and turns (Merlin, Arthur, Morgana, Gwen, Lancelot, Uther, PG, gen)
The biggest shock of Arthur's life comes when Morgana, over breakfast, between bites, announces that she made up her mind to accept Lot of Orkads and his marriage proposal. (The biggest shock up to date, two months from now Merlin will confess all about his magic. That will show Arthur.)


Five times the Leverage Crew was not in Gotham, no, really, they weren't, no. (crossover with Nolan!verse Batman, Leverage crew, Bruce Wayne, mention of Jim Gordon, PG)