stop. look. listen.
Falling is Like This (Kirk/girl!McCoy, R, part one of the genderbend series)
There’s a pretty much universal consensus that James T. Kirk won’t die of old age. He might die of some sort of disease, but chances are it’s going to be venereal and possibly something that humans weren’t supposed to contract. Jim Kirk is special that way.

You get what you ask for (Kirk/girl!McCoy, R, part two of the genderbend series)
The alarm clock chimes up half an hour before her shift. Her actual shift, one she is scheduled for, as opposed to others she works, because sometimes she’s as bad as Jim when it comes to doing everything on her own. Of course, her workaholism is only going to make her tired and grumpy (not much change there, then), and possibly ruin her social life (her what?), while Jim is going to get himself killed one of these days, so, not comparable.

You'll just do it all again (Kirk/girl!McCoy, R, part three of the genderbend series)
It’s a little bit ridiculous, how much she frets about the da…dinner. Partly because it’s a bad idea to end all bad ideas, and it will all end in tears and, possibly, explosions. Scratch it, it’s James T. Kirk we’re talking about, the king of ‘it seemed like a good idea at the time’; explosions are a certainty. And then one of them would have to change ships, and it would be her, because Kirk has this weird erotic thing going on with the Enterprise that she’s kind of maybe jealous of.

Storms taught me to fly (Kirk/girl!McCoy, R, part four of the genderbend series)
Jim watches her every move as she fills up the glasses, and it’s both disconcerting and kind of nice. Bringing him to her quarters was a bad idea if she wanted to stop this where it was with that kiss (or the two that followed), but she did promise him whiskey, and besides, insane or not, she wanted this.

For your viewing pleasure
(McCoy/Chapel mainly, also Chapel/Kirk, Chapel/Scotty, Chapel/Gaila, Chapel/Uhura/Spock, NC-17, kink-meme response)
Christine isn’t sure why she’s invited, this is usually what McCoy and the Captain do on their own, the getting shitfaced once in a while part. Maybe the fact that most of those fifty times, she had been right beside McCoy, handing him the hyposprays and listening to his neverending monologues on what an idiot the captain was. And she’s here now, perched on McCoy’s desk, drunk enough to swing her legs as she listens to James T. Kirk complain he hadn’t got a blowjob in six months.

Chances Are (Kirk/McCoy, also Spock/Uhura, PG-13, remix of the Just My Luck movie)
It’s not true that some people have all the luck. Everyone has got it, but some people, Leonard McCoy included, get a damn lot of the bad sort of it. Murphy’s law states: that which can go wrong, will. McCoy’s addendum says that a lot of things that can’t go wrong, no way in hell they could go wrong, for him, will.

Five weddings where Jim took Bones as his date.
(Kirk/McCoy, PG-13)
“No,” Leonard says, and he’s pretty sure it’s clear and succinct and to the point, and that normal people would just accept it for what it is: complete and utter refusal to be dragged into insanity that is James Kirk’s latest idea.

Daddy's Girl (girl!Kirk/Pike, NC-17, mirror!verse, warnings: daddy!kink, possibly vague age!play, spanking, dirty talk, general fucked-up-ness)
She doesn’t look her best, with split lip and something that’s bound to be a huge gash in her forehead, judging by how it hurts (and it hurts like a motherfucker), but she knows how to make things work to her advantage and she stretches on the chair, tosses her hair over her shoulder and, the final stroke, props her legs up on the table.