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Welcome to Noelia's website and fic archive!

My primary place on the web is my livejournal, where most of the stories published here had started. But an archive is needed at some point, just in case of something tragic, like data loss or the mankind blowing ourselves up (both equally devastating). In case of the first, you can still find my fics here, in case of the second, maybe aliens investigating our demise like some sort of an intergalactic CSI team would like to read fanfic. Hey, it could happen.

Fics fall mostly into three fandoms: Jossverse, Batman Nolanverse and Generation Kill. Doesn't mean there's no other stuff, but those are my true obsessions. There's some slash and some het, smidge of gen, a lot of insanity, and an occasional kidfic (in the Batfandom, if you can believe that. IDEK.)

I hope you enjoy your stay here :)


DISCLAIMER: I do not own the characters or the universes appearing in those stories and hold no claim to the copyrighted material. Everything belongs to its respective creators, I am merely indulging in some derivative fannish creation for fun, not profit.